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What to Expect in Makanda During the Total Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse is just around the corner.

The village of Makanda is fortunate to have the longest duration of the total eclipse.

The village of Makanda has around 6oo residents.

They’re also expecting some visitors in a few weeks during the total solar eclipse.

Makanda is the point of the longest duration of the eclipse at 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

“The last time Makanda itself had a total solar eclipse was in the year 1442, so that would be 9 years before Christopher Columbus was born.”

Jeremy Schumacher with Makanda Eclipse says the village is very lucky because in another 7 years they once again get the longest duration of the eclipse, which is pretty rare.

“Any one spot on Earth gets a total solar eclipse about once every 350 years.”

For anyone planning on traveling to Makanda there are a few things to know.

Space is limited.

“We will have parking for three hundred vehicles, that’s set in stone, that’s exactly how many parking spots we have.”

Visitors should consider car-pooling to save space and money.

“It will be $20 to park on the day of the eclipse, at this point we are not going to charge on Saturday and Sunday unless it becomes to a point where we have to hire someone to go in a actually police the parking areas, then we’ll be charging $5 a vehicle to park.”

Village President Tina Shingleton says the village is taking steps to make sure the parking and traffic flow stay as smooth as it can.

“We have about 4 or 5 parking areas and were going to have someone parking cars so its in some kind of order.”

If you think you can come early and wait until the eclipse, Shingleton also wants you to know the rules for the weekend.

“We have a camping ordinance where you can’t just camp out there all weekend or Sunday night, we have at sun down on Saturday and Sunday we’re getting cars cleared out, you can’t park overnight.”

She also suggest bring food and water with you because the few places that do sell those things have limited space and could possibly run out.

Makanda will also provide water at the pavilion because…

“It’s August 21st, mid day is going to be really hot and we’re going to have lots of people here.”

The people of Makanda hope that those who do visit will be amazed.

“I expect for 2 minutes and 41 seconds to be in complete awe of what’s happening in the sky above us other than that I think we’re going to be, we’re going to be tired."

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