Request My Passport Token

WSIU PASSPORT is open to qualified members who make an annual donation of $60 of more. If you are a WSIU member interested in gaining access to this service, fill out the form below and within 3-5 days, we’ll email your token to unlock this exciting new benefit the entire family can enjoy! Please call (618) 453-6258 for more information.

  • This will be the email address you'll use to sign in to PASSPORT.
  • Note: All qualifying WSIU PASSPORT members were granted access to the service in March 2017 and activation emails were sent to the member email address we have on file. If you have made a qualifying donation and do not have access to WSIU PASSPORT, it is most likely because we sent your activation code to an old or unused email address. We will use the information provided to update your PASSPORT account and send an activation code to your preferred email address.
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