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LaRue Pine Hills Research Natural Area Features a Variety of Snakes

In Union County each year, the United States Forest Service temporarily closes the popular gravel road known as  Snake Road, to vehicular traffic until May 15th.  This is done to allow for safe passage of the myriad of reptiles and amphibian species as they migrate from the safety of the wintering dens, in the rocks and crevices of the bluffs, to the lowland swamps to spend the warm weather eating and breeding.  When people hear of the Snake Road they often first think of venomous Water Moccasins and Copperheads.  And, while it is true that these two snakes can often be seen at the site, what may not be widely known is the fact that, due to its tremendous habitat uniqueness,  Snake Road  is also home to a stunning variety of reptiles.  Take a hike with WSIU radio on Snake Road and learn more about the inhabitants.

To learn more visit: http://www.nrs.fs.fed.us/rna/il/shawnee/larue-pine-hills-otter-pond/

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