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Carbondale United hosting multiple events and reestablishes community office at the end of October

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Tim Mossholder

Carbondale United has a few community events coming up in October.

Carbondale United is on a mission to stop gun violence.

The group's members use a variety of activities to achieve this - like virtual summits, marches and community pop-ups.

Founding member Nancy Maxwell says they have the community pop-ups because a lack of resources can lead to violence.

“The community pop-ups consists of agencies in the neighborhoods that provide information and resources.”

They also have a voting event at the Carbondale Civic Center on the 13th from 6 to 8 pm.

“Educating voters like how to look up the people that are running for election to see if you agree with their views. We will do the history of voting.”

They're also hosting an overnight youth lock-in at the SIU Rec Center on October 21st.

On the 26th they are having a grand opening of their new office that will also house Man-Tra-Con and the Survivor Empowerment Center to offer more resources to the community under one roof.

Grand Opening Carbondale Untied Flyer
Carbondale United
Carbondale United
Grand opening for Carbondale United

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