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Peace and Justice: Action for a Peaceful, Living Planet

An illuminated neon peace sign shows through some wispy fields.

Join the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois on Saturday, July 6, from Noon to 1:00 PM at the corner of Main and Illinois Ave. in Carbondale for their Monthly Peace and Justice Vigil. This month’s vigil emphasizes the urgent need to address the intertwined issues of climate change and militarism. The ongoing climate emergency, driven by fossil fuel consumption, extracts vital resources from the land and its people, contributing to widespread environmental degradation and displacement. Militarism, through war and weaponry, further exacerbates these issues by supporting political power and economic growth at the expense of the environment.

“The climate emergency is driven by fossil fuel use that extracts from the land’s resources, including its people. Militarism utilizes war and weapons and puts up walls and borders in service of political power and economic growth.”

Campaign Nonviolence calls for a shift towards renewable energy, conservation, and regenerative practices. They highlight the necessity of practicing nonviolence toward the Earth, advocating for actions that reduce oil and gas use, halt extractive mining, and prevent the destruction of ecosystems. Militarism not only fails to provide real security but also diverts essential resources needed for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels. The Pentagon, as the largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels, exemplifies the destructive link between militarism and environmental harm.

Additionally, the Peace Coalition invites you to the Weekly Rally for Peace in Gaza on Sunday, July 7. Gather at 1:45 PM at the corner of Main and Illinois Ave. Pavilion in Carbondale. The rally will run from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

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