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Williamson County Family Crisis Center Receives New Beds for Children

The Williamson County Family Crisis Center in Herrin has been helping families get back on their feet for over 30 years. On Monday, the Poshard Foundation brought them a gift.

The Family Crisis Center’s goal is to keep families together during their time of need or emergency.

Director Peggy Russell says even though it’s not a permanent home, they want their clients to feel safe and secure in this 18-bed facility, but things wear out.

“Have you ever slept on a 15 year old mattress, they get pretty old and the children like to bounce.”

On Monday, they received six new twin beds for children from the Poshard Foundation.

Since 2010, the Foundation has given away more than 500 beds to children.

Glenn Poshard says these can make a big difference in the children’s lives.

“The expectation for those children were to get up in the morning and to go to school and be successful, that’s pretty hard to do when you can’t even get a night’s sleep.”

Russell says some of the kids may come from situations where they didn’t have their own bed and might be sleeping on couches or the floor.

Here they will get to establish a new routine after the disruption of their previous setting.

“They’re going to have the same bed every night, the same routine and they’re going to be able to relax a little bit.”

The center’s hope is to help families be on their own after 30 days of staying with them.

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