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Star Gazers is the world’s only weekly television series on naked eye astronomy. Each weekly episode of Star Gazers educates viewers about astronomical events for the upcoming week that can be seen without the aid of a telescope, including key constellations, stars and planets, lunar eclipses and conjunctions, along with historical and scientific information about these events. Visit Official Site

Major funding for Star Gazers is provided by The Batchelor Foundation; The William J. and Tina Rosenberg Foundation; and Trish and Dan Bell.

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Trace Dominguez is an award-winning and spirited science communicator, on-camera host, producer, and podcaster. He’s spent a decade teaching viewers about all aspects of science, writing scripts to explore biology, engineering, psychology, history, earth science, technology, futurism, and the nature of the universe itself. As a prolific writer and energetic presenter, he strives to inspire everyone to seek knowledge and share it with others.