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Poll Shows Illinoisans Keen on Marijuana Decriminalization


A new poll by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute shows almost ¾ of Illinoisans surveyed say they would supported the decriminalization of marijuana.

The poll found 74% of the people support or strongly support the decriminalization of pot where people in possession of small amounts for personal consumption would not be prosecuted, but could be fined.
Simon Institute interim director Jak Tichenor says a large majority support decriminalization as a potential revenue source for the state if it's handled like another substance.
"Now, when you start to add the idea of taxing that, regulating that, like alcohol that actually comes up to a pretty significant number. Two-thirds of voters, or roughly 66% supporting or strongly supporting legalization of recreational marijuana, if it's indeed taxed and regulated like alcohol."
Decriminalization is supported more in urban areas than in rural parts of the state. Illinois voters younger than 35 support the idea more than older voters and democrats support it more than independents and republicans.

The Simon Institute surveyed one-thousand voters. The results have a three percent margin of error.

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