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Tamms Minimum Security Unit Task Force Created To Find A New Use For The Facility

The Tamms Correctional Center closed in 2013 by then Governor Pat Quinn due to budget cuts.

Representative Terri Bryant introduced a bill that was passed to turn it into a workcamp.

The Tamms Correctional Center houses a maximum- and minimum-security units.

The buildings that have sat empty for the last 6 years and allegedly have mold in them.

Representative Terri Bryant says training inmates to clean out the mold will teach them marketable skills and open the doors for new possibilities for the minimum security building.

“They would clean up the mold then in that building and then the building could be used for training purposes.”

Tamms Correctional Center
Credit Benjy Jeffords / WSIU
Tamms Correctional Center

Recently House Bill 210 was signed by Governor Pritzker establishing the Tamms Minimum security unit task force to study using the minimal security unit as a vocational training facility for department of corrections.

The task force is comprised of state legislators and community leaders.

Bryant says this is a good step in eliminating recidivism once inmates are paroled.

“They’re no longer incarcerated, they are productive citizens, tax payers and no longer really a drain on society.”

The land was donated to the state and the village of Tamms doesn’t receive property tax off of it.

Some of the ideas include training for brick laying, pipe fitting or other vocational jobs, or give it back to Tamms.

Bryant says whatever it's decided to be used for its better than staying empty.

“It will be good for the state, it will be good for the residents of Tamms, it will be good for Southern Illinois and the region in general if we can find a use for it.”

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