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Lawmaker wants stricter laws for selling catalytic converters as thefts continue to increase

Catalytic Converter on a Toyota 4Runner
Benjy Jeffords
Catalytic Converter on a Toyota 4Runner

State lawmakers are taking action to curb catalytic converter thefts in Illinois.

Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise because the price of precious metals like platinum and rhodium has been on a steady increase over the last few years.

Schools, daycares and churches are becoming the new targets for catalytic converter thieves.

“It's something it's extremely expensive to fix after they get after they steal it.

Representative Paul Jacobs introduced House Bill 4734 in January.

It requires scrap processors and auto part recyclers to get a copy of the sellers photo ID, proof of ownership of the vehicle it came from and the license plate number of the vehicle transporting it.

Jacobs says it’s already passed the House and expects it to go to the Senate this week.

“We know that there might be some other things that could be added that would be even more forceful, but they have no problems keeping records of these things that are coming through. They just as soon not be receiving any kind of stolen items to.”

The bill also includes penalties for buyers that accept catalytic converters without the car it came from present and for not doing keeping records correctly.

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