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Catalytic converter bill is ready to be signed into law

Catalytic Converter on a Toyota 4Runner
Benjy Jeffords
Catalytic Converter on a Toyota 4Runner

An Illinois bill aiming to reduce catalytic converter thefts is set to go into law soon.

In January Representative Paul Jacobs introduced House Bill 4734 that requires recyclers to keep records of the vehicles recycled catalytic converters came from.

That bill stalled in the Senate which lead to some changes to House Bill 107 that makes those requirements law.

Representative Paul says earlier this month it passed the House and Senate and is now sitting on the Governor’s desk.

“Finally got LaShawn Ford's bill with me as the chief comb through the House and then it also passed the Senate. And when that happened, it should come in. I think it's set for either very quickly it's going to be signed or July 1st. It goes into effect. I think it's pretty quick.”

Once signed the law goes into effect immediately.

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