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East St. Louis Flood Mitigation Project: Buying Out Vulnerable Properties

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The East St. Louis Flood Mitigation Project represents a crucial partnership between the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the City of East St. Louis to tackle persistent flood issues plaguing the Mary Avenue and Terrace Drive areas. With nearly $2.6 million allocated from IDNR's Flood Hazard Mitigation Program, the initiative targets the acquisition and demolition of 39 flood-damaged properties, exacerbated by inadequate drainage from Harding Ditch during heavy rains.

Homeowners residing in these flood-prone areas will receive up to $22,500 in additional funds to aid in purchasing alternative housing. This financial assistance aims to alleviate the challenges faced by residents displaced by flooding, ensuring they can find safe and sustainable living environments.

Post-demolition, the acquired land will be transformed into public green spaces such as parks or trails, providing lasting community benefits and mitigating future flood risks. This strategic reuse not only enhances community resilience but also aligns with efforts to prevent future development in vulnerable flood zones, thereby safeguarding residents and promoting sustainable urban planning practices.

The project reflects a proactive approach to mitigating flood impacts in East St. Louis, fostering collaboration across governmental levels to protect communities and improve overall quality of life for affected residents.

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