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  • The Netherlands-based drummer upgrades the tradition of syncopated, meter-splitting contemporary jazz with her quintet.
  • Soft piano chords and Hurt's genteel voice set the foundation for a wondrous song about love's charm when it remains elusive.
  • McEntire evokes the austerity of autumn with warm, understated instrumentation and a poetic meditation on inviting love despite the risk of heartbreak.
  • The Australian trio crafts endlessly irresistible and impossibly tight improvisations.
  • This has been a year packed with great albums, some highly anticipated and some out of the blue. Share your favorites with us and we'll reveal the results on an episode of All Songs Considered.
  • Featuring a dueling guest vocal from Slough Feg's Mike Scalzi, the hyperactive thrash ripper takes King Crimson to the pit.
  • On a piano ballad, the Dama Scout member welcomes you to a fantasy world run by sorcerers, witches and lonesome warriors.
  • The members of the K-pop group wield their voices like daggers on "BYE BYE," which features a skewed interpolation of "Für Elise."
  • The Detroit-born producer and DJ affirms the relationship between genres often kept apart by emphasizing their connective feeling: freedom.
  • Musician Ahmad Jamal has been a major jazz figure since the 1950s. Emerald City Nights: Live at the Penthouse is a set of never-before-released recordings of Jamal in his prime.