teaching channel

Every Wednesday @ 11pm, Beginning October 26

The Teaching Channel is a groundbreaking series that highlights inspiring teaching going on right now in America's K-12 classrooms.

Produced by WNET in New York, the series is a multiplatform showcase for teacher development, and will appeal to teachers looking for models of great teaching and to parents and others who care about America's future.

Each week's episode is a one-hour
magazine-style program that:

  • Showcases effective and replicable
    teaching in action.
  • Uses real teachers and students at
    work in real classrooms.
  • Engages viewers with interesting characters
    and authentic situations.
  • Covers all subjects and grade levels.

The Teaching Channel proves that great teaching can also make for great entertainment. Tune into WSIU for an inspiring episode every Wednesday at 11pm, beginning Oct. 26.

About the Program: 

First, it's important to note that these are NOT training videos!  Teaching Channel programming is observational, documentary and character-driven, harnessing the best narrative qualities of compelling television.  It's real life unfolding – mostly, but not always, inside the classroom – in front of the camera.

We all know that learning how to do something well often begins with seeing how someone else does it well or even by seeing how someone who looks very much like us negotiates that same learning process.  But because they are hard at work in their own classrooms, very few teachers ever get the opportunity to see their peers teach a class.  Aspiring teachers in preparation programs and their instructors have the same challenge because it's just not possible to move those groups into real classrooms and then process what's been observed.  The Teaching Channel provides an entirely new and authentic dimension to professional development and teacher preparation. For more information, visit the Teaching Channel website.

In its first year of operation, the Teaching Channel has been funded by the Gates Foundation, with additional support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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