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Arctic blast will bring sub-zero temperatures Thursday afternoon

Morris Library
Benjy Jeffords
Snow falling at Morris Library

The start of winter is bringing a massive winter storm to the region that has the potential to be dangerous to travel in.

Thousands of holiday travelers may have their plans delayed or canceled as an enormous blizzard crosses the Midwest.

Snow is expected to start Thursday afternoon across southern Illinois, and the wind chill could get to the negative 20’s in some places.

National Weather Service Lead Forecaster Chris Noles says Thursday afternoon will see some dramatic changes.

“Temperatures are going to crash from around 40 to solidly below freezing within that first hour and timing wise, we're thinking 2:00, maybe 1:00, uh, near the Mississippi River to as late as, say, 3:00, a little farther east in southern Illinois there, but that 1 to 3 time frame is critical. And by 4:00, it's going to be very cold across the entire southern end of the state.”

Exposed skin will be vulnerable to frostbite in less than 30 minutes in these conditions.

Benjy Jeffords is a digital media production specialist at WSIU Public Broadcasting located at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

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