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Scholastic Hi-Q


Scholastic Hi-Q is Southern Illinois' Original Student Quiz Show





Sundays @ 9:30am & 5pm | Watch On Demand

The quest for knowledge is an enriching and lifelong endeavor. Produced by WSIU Television since 1985, Scholastic Hi-Q is an academically-based game show featuring high school teams from the Southern Illinois region. It's a single elimination tournament in which 32 teams compete.

Scholastic Hi-Q is a fun and exciting way of demonstrating the importance of a broad-based education that also exemplifies the public educational and informational mission of WSIU Public Broadcasting and Southern Illinois University. The program provides area schools an excellent opportunity to display their academic skills while promoting school spirit.

About the Show

Episodes are taped at the beginning of the school year and then shown on a weekly basis throughout the spring. Each season consists of 31 episodes. The Hi-Q production staff is composed mainly of Southern Illinois University student employees and volunteers who gain valuable professional experience working with the WSIU Television production staff.

For More Information

For more information about Scholastic Hi-Q, please contact Darryl Moses at (618) 453-4343 or toll free at (866) 498-5561.

Looking to purchase a DVD copy of an episode? Contact WSIU's Customer Service Representative. Please be sure to indicate the episode number and/or match-up for the program you are interested in. Call (618) 4535-4344 or email.


Sponsored in part by

Illinois Eastern Community

About the Host: Robert Thies

Robert Thies is the Scholastic Hi-Q host for the 2014-2015 season.
Thies is a junior in Radio, Television & Digital Media at Southern Illinois University. Thies, who is originally from  from Ava, IL, is excited about his role on the show and is looking forward to getting hands-on training in television production through his involvement in the show.