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The final installment of the 'Amulet' graphic novel series is about to be released


And there's another highly anticipated book release this week. The final chapter of the popular "Amulet" graphic novel series hits bookstores tomorrow. "Waverider" is the ninth book in the middle grade series by Kazu Kibuishi. Fans have been waiting more than five years for this. Here's NPR's Isabella Gomez Sarmiento.

ISABELLA GOMEZ SARMIENTO, BYLINE: The "Amulet" series follows Emily Hayes, a young girl who finds a mysterious amulet in her great-grandfather's house. It unlocks a secret world of elves and dark forces that Emily must fight off. Mars Engle (ph) started reading the graphic novels 14 years ago. She already pre-ordered her copy of "Waverider."

MARS ENGLE: I'm very excited but, like, I think it'll be a little bittersweet. Having followed this for, like, literally two-thirds of my life, it'll be kind of crazy to have it be over.

ZOE SAGAL: Well, I want to see Emily crush that weird guy to the bone because that guy is just - I hate him.

GOMEZ SARMIENTO: That's 8-year-old Zoe Sagal (ph). She shares her love of amulet with her mom, Carolyn (ph).

CAROLYN: The elves are separate from the humans, and there's all this kind of internal conflict. And I kind of liked watching those barriers break down. And I like the message that that sends for kids.

GOMEZ SARMIENTO: All three fans are dying to know what "Waverider" has in store, but Zoe Sagal is not ready for Emily's story to end. She hopes...

ZOE: There's a to be continued.

GOMEZ SARMIENTO: Isabella Gomez Sarmiento, NPR News.


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Isabella Gomez Sarmiento is a production assistant with Weekend Edition.
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