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Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 126

Inside the Blanket Fort
SIU Press
SIU Press
Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 126 (5/11/23)

Journey back Inside The Blanket Fort as we continue our discussion of the books included in SIU Press’s “Southern Illinois Summer” promotion, which, foregrounds books that celebrate the beauty and history of our region.

This week, we’ll begin a deeper dive into one of those beloved regional titles: Joshua J. Vossler’s Snake Road: A Field Guide to the Snakes of LaRue-Pine Hills. Twice a year, spring and fall, numerous species of reptiles and amphibians migrate between the LaRue–Pine Hills’ towering limestone bluffs and the Big Muddy River’s swampy floodplain in southern Illinois. Snakes, especially great numbers of Cottonmouths, give the road that separates these distinct environments its name. This engaging guide details what to expect and how to make the most of a visit to what is known around the world as Snake Road.

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Mandi is the author of six published novels, two short fiction collections, and numerous short stories. She earned her BA and MFA in creative writing from SIU.<br/>