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WSIU Public Broadcasting is an NPR, PBS member-station located in Carbondale, IL at Southern Illinois University. Contact WSIU Radio at 618-453-6101 or Email: <a label="wsiuradio@wsiu.org" class="Enhancement rte2-style-brightspot-core-link-LinkRichTextElement rte2-style-brightspot-core-link-LinkRichTextElement-start rte2-style-brightspot-core-link-LinkRichTextElement-end" presentation="role" href="mailto:wsiuradio@wsiu.org">wsiuradio@wsiu.org</a>. Twitter: <a label="@wsiuradio" class="rte2-style-brightspot-core-link-LinkRichTextElement" href="https://twitter.com/WSIURadio">@wsiuradio</a> | <a label="@wsiutv" class="rte2-style-brightspot-core-link-LinkRichTextElement" href="https://twitter.com/WSIUtv">@wsiutv</a>
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WSIU News Updates WSIU Radio News Updates provides a daily podcast of the top local and state news stories as well as the latest weather information for Carbondale, Marion, and the southern Illinois region.