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Local Election Results (Updated 10:30pm 11/8)

Election Graphic
Pearl Franz

Results from counties and districts in southern Illinois

Editor's Note: These results are not official - vote tallies will be certified two weeks after Election Day. Some information may change.

Fayette County
Republicans swept county-wide office races. Jessica Barker bested Democrat Iris Virden by a three-to-one margin in the only contested race - for County Clerk. Michelle Hagy secured the Treasurer's Office, Ronnie Stevens won Sheriff, and Cindi Lotz will be Supervisor of Assessments.

Republicans were unopposed in County Board Districts One, Two, and Six. In District Three, GOP candidates Casey Cameron and Michael Butts were winners over Independent Party Candidate Dawn Crain.

Meanwhile, Republicans Patrick Click and Ryan Tompkins will represent District Four after beating Democrat John Cearlock, Republican Glenda Bartels and Democrat Ashley Towler won in District Five, and Scott Ray in District Seven.

Turnout in Fayette County topped 64%, with more than 8,000 of the county's registered voters casting a ballot.

Franklin County
For County Clerk, Kevin Wilson had a majority of the votes with 75% while John H Gardener Jr. had 21%. Steve Verse Vercellino had 74% of the votes for the Treasurer position with Amy Sileven got 23%. Neil Hargis, Angela Evans, and Curtis Overton all won the County Board District 1 election.

There was a 51% turnout to this year's election.

Jackson County
In Jackson County, the race for County Clerk may be too close to call. Incumbent Democrat Frank Byrd holds a lead of less than 100 votes over Republican Challenger Dave Sullivan, but election officials point out the results are not certified until two weeks after Election Day.

Contested races for County Board were found in District 2, where GOP Candidates Daniel Bost and Andrew Erbes were the top two vote-getters; Democrats Julie Peterson and John Rendleman were leaders in District 5.

Carbondale's Home Rule question saw more than 3,000 votes in favor of keeping Home Rule Status - which for some voters was tricky because in order to keep the provision, they had to vote no. Nearly 80% of Carbondale voters were in favor of keeping Home Rule.

Turnout in Jackson County was right at 40% - lower than many neighboring counties but still higher than many elections.

Jefferson County
County Clerk goes to Republican Joseph Davis over Democrat Connie Simmons. Republican Bob Watt ran unopposed for treasurer and Republican Jeffery Bullard won the votes for sheriff against independent Rodney King.

In the race for county commissioner, Republican Joey McDermott beat Democrat Kathy Hulbert and Republican Jeffrey Williams beat Democrat Derrek Wilson.

The other 11 commissioners ran unopposed.

Johnson County
In Johnson County all the county offices were unopposed.

Robin Harper-Whitehead remains County Clerk, Mitchell McClellan continues as Treasurer, Pete Sopczak will stay Sheriff, Danell Mott remains Assessor and John McCuan is the County Commissioner.

Marion County
Multiple county board seats were on the Marion County ballot.

In district one, Sharon Woodward has been re-elected along with newcomers Brock Waggoner and Tracy Lamont Murray. The remaining candidate was democrat Jon Meador.

In district two, incumbents Creighton Engel and Deb Reed won re-election along with newcomer Jack Riley.

In district three, voters sent Steve Whritenour and Bill Henson back to the county board along with Tyson McHenry. Democrat Carrie Perkins-Schnicker did not receive enough votes to earn a seat.

In district four, all three winners were incumbents, Steven Bradley, Christopher Krupp, Judith Meeks-Hakim.

It was the same in district five where the three incumbents all retained their seats in Debbie Smith, Adam Smith and David Iossi with democrat Elodie Welta failing to collect enough votes.

42% of Marion County voters cast ballots.

Perry County
Republican Jennifer Martin beat Democrat Dallas Bigham for County Commissioner. Republican Chad Howard beat Democrat Howard Baxter for Sheriff.

Republican Jodi Koester won county treasurer over Democrat Greg Wilson. Republican Robert Kelly ran unopposed for county commissioner.

Randolph County
Randolph county voted on one referendum about whether the Randolph County Board of Commissioners will be authorized to transfer, sell, or dispose of the Randolph County Care Center.

An overwhelming majority of voters said yes - meaning they will allow the Board to transfer the center to a community based healthcare provider or to another entity for renovations and to stay open rather than close it down.

There was a 49% voter turnout in this year's election.

Wayne County
Wayne County voted on members of district county boards with not enough candidates in districts 1 and 4 with those missing members being appointed in the future.

There was a 70% turnout for this year's election.

Williamson County
The GOP swept all county races in Williamson County.

Republican Ted Hampson defeated Democrat Marcy Cascio-Hale in the race for State's Attorney. Cascio-Hale had been appointed to the seat when Brandon Zanotti resigned the post earlier this year.

In the race for County Commissioner, Republican Jim Rasor defeated incumbent Democrat Brent Gentry by a wide margin. Incumbent GOP Treasurer Ashley Gott defeated his Democratic challenger, Andy Boner, as well.

Voter turnout in Williamson County was 55%, with more than 25,000 ballots cast.

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