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Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates features interviews with candidates running for Illinois state, House and Senate, and federal races. Guests will discuss key issues impacting Illinois voters such as the economy, the environment, education and public health.

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Meet the Candidates returns September 1st.

April 14th – 28th

April 14 at 7pm: House 117
Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R) and Ron Ellis (R)

April 14 at 7:30pm: House 118
Rep. Paul Jacobs (R) and Aaron Smith (R)

April 21 at 7pm: Senate 58
Sen. Terri Bryant (R)

April 21 at 7:30 pm: House 96
Prescott Paulin (R) and Lisa Smith (R)

April 28 at 7pm: Senate 59
Sen. Dale Fowler (R)

April 28 at 7:30 pm: House 100
Rep. CD Davidsmeyer (R)

May 5th – 19th

Starting at 7 pm:
May 5: House 115
Rep. David Friess (R)

May 5: House 116
Rep. Dave Severin (R)

May 12: Senate 48
Sen. Doris Turner (D)

May 12: Senate 54
Sen. Steve McClure (R) and Don DeBolt (R)

May 19: House District 95
Rep. (R) Tim Butler and Candidate (R) Kent Gray

May 19: House District 104
Rep. (R) Mike Marron and (D) Candidate Cindy Cunningham

June 9th - 19th

Starting at 7 pm:
June 9: House District 71
(D) Candidate Christopher Demink

June 9: Senate District 36
(D) Mike Halpin

Starting at 7 pm:
June 16: House District 12
(D) Joshua Qualls and (D) Chip Markel

June 16: Senate District 114
(R) Dr. Kevin Schmidt and (R) Kevin Dawson

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