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SIU carbon capture process is focused on helping solve the climate change crisis

Professor standing in front of tech design
Brad Palmer
SIUC Professor Scott Hamilton-Brehm stands in front of the OHD carbon capture bio-reactor

Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s idea for capturing carbon underground is getting more exposure thanks to a student competition.

XPRIZE Carbon Removal, funded by the Musk Foundation, is highlighting SIU-C's process known as OHD... or oxidative hydrothermal dissolution.

The Carbon Down Under team includes faculty researchers Scott Hamilton-Brehm and Ken Anderson as well as students Tia Zimmerman and Bethany Egge.

Anderson says SIU-C is leading the way in finding solutions to climate change.

"The Carbon Down Under team was ranked one of the top 60 teams in the world. That's competing not just against other universities, but against big companies with deep pockets and so forth. Our little technology, we're the little engine that could, because our technology is good."

Hamilton-Brehm says the team needs funding now to take their technology from the lab into the field.

XPRIZE recently chose ten teams, including Carbon Down Under at SIU-C, for short, independent films to highlight the new concepts in carbon sequestration technology.

The video of the SIU-C team will be posted Thursday morning on the XPRIZE YouTube channel, under videos.

We'll have more on the OHD technology in the coming days on WSIU Radio's InFocus.

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