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Arrowleaf has an economic impact of $12.5 million in the seven southernmost counties

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Arrowleaf is a human services organization

Arrowleaf released their annual report detailing the impact they’ve had on the seven counties they serve while dealing with a drastic increase in request for services.

Arrowleaf is a nonprofit human services organization that provides more than 25 programs to the seven southernmost counties in Illinois.

The organization served over 3,000 clients and employed 269 people creating a more than $12 million dollar economic impact to the area.

CEO Sherrie Crabb says 76 of those jobs went to people with disabilities so they can learn new skills.

“The hope is, is again, one day that they get the skills so that they can, you know, receive employment out in the communities, that's not supervised and several people have been successful in doing that over the years. And that's, you know, that's why we have the program available as to assist those in need.”

In the first half of 2021, Arrowleaf saw a 321% increase in client admissions to their programs.

For more information on Arrowleaf's services click here.

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