Who We Are


The Purpose of Public Media

The mission of public broadcast is to combine the power of media with the power of people. WSIU provides important news, entertainment, and undertold stories, accessible to everyone without the burden to pay. We believe that access to accurate, quality information is a fundamental right of our citizens, and it’s our pleasure to bring that information to you, our community.
So why WSIU?

Your Source for Local and National News, Bias-Free, Ad-free

Now more than ever, a voice is needed that rises above the chatter and provides factual and accessible news. As a public media entity, WSIU isn’t bound by the constraints of traditional marketing and ad dollars, you can rest easy knowing the news isn’t being tainted by outside influences.

Original Programming

Many of the shows you’ve known and loved for years are WSIU originals. Next time you compete against your friends on answering questions on Scholastic Hi-Q, learn about Illinois history from Paul Simon, or discover a new local artist on Expressions, remember that all the magic happens right on SIU Carbondale’s campus.

Active in the Community

Lowing barriers of access to education and information is one of our biggest values. We love engaging in thought-provoking discussion with our community through film screenings, serving the needs of the visually impaired through our SIRIS program, providing fun activities to help kids learn in school, and much, much more. Plus, every semester WSIU employs SIUC students who get invaluable hands-on experience working in the broadcast and media field. (You can even read more about a few of these students here.)

All the Programs You Love from PBS and NPR

From Masterpiece Theatre to Morning Edition, Nova to All Things Considered, Antiques Roadshow to Fresh Air, WSIU is your connection to all your favorites.

With WSIU Passport, it’s never been easier to watch on all of your devices.

Join Us!

So if everything we do sounds like something you want to be a part of, fantastic! There are many ways you can become more involved with your WSIU station.

Help financially support our mission by becoming a member or donating here.  Learn out how you can volunteer with some of our programs here. And connect with us on social media using the links in the grey box below! We’d love to here from you.

WSIU: Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

Read our 2017 Local Community Impact Report to see how we’re working with partners & people like you to make a difference!