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UPDATE: SIUC Spokesperson Rae Goldsmith says the campus is clear and there is no concern of threats …

SIU Carbondale officials say a report of an assault on campus Wednesday night turns out be false.
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Denise Kandel coined the term, often associated with marijuana, in a research paper 40 years ago. Bu…

Hundreds of Americans are on the list, but often don't know it — or how they got there. The Washin…

A star of molecular gastronomy, Homaro Cantu, 38, took his own life this week. Cantu owned a Micheli…

It fought in World War II and was used in two atomic bomb tests. Now, 64 years after it was scuttled…
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Join Us for the Next Installment of Community Cinema

The Community Cinema film project provides free screenings of one of PBS’s most celebrated and thought-provoking television programs - Independent Lens. Each screening will be held at the Carbondale Public Library. Join us for a screening of the film Limited Partnership on Sat, May 2nd @ 2:30pm.