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Tune in for enchanting music specials...
and learn about holiday traditions & histories from around the world.

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This Month on Morning Conversations:

Dec 22: SIU President Randy Dunn on University affairs
and SIU's Bill Recktenwald discusses the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

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NEW PROGRAM: Inside Classical Guitar

Wednesdays @ 8pm, beginning Nov. 5th
The weekly show that fosters an understanding & appreciation for music.

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Meet Kevin Boucher

Community Engagement Producer, WSIU Radio
Host of The WSIU Almanac and the Acoustic Nature Hour

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Local Headlines
The FBI is formally accusing North Korea of carrying out the hacking attack against Sony Pictures.

An audit has found that Illinois does a poor job monitoring and tracking children who run away from …

A southern Illinois maximum-security state prison is in lockdown because five inmates in one housing…
National Headlines
More than 30 states have laws that allow people to use deadly force if they have a reasonable fear f…

An analyst from GasBuddy.com says 24 states have at least one station with the price per gallon at $…

He flew nearly 150 missions and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, but after the war, Stewa…

Some in the entertainment industry are wondering if they'll have to be careful now about the stories…
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