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The League of Women Voters of Jackson County hosted a candidate's forum for the candidates running f…

The Jefferson County Sheriff Office has arrested an Opdyke man on meth violations.
National Headlines
Clinicians correctly predict a suicide attempt about half the time — no better than a coin toss. C…

Engineers have removed the cutter head from the enormous tunneling machine nicknamed Bertha. The mal…

Many Americans now have access to a commingled recycling system, which lets users mix plastic, glass…

To keep its code-breaking prowess, the NSA must recruit scores of the brightest students in math and…
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Join Us for the Next Installment of Community Cinema

The Community Cinema film project provides free screenings of one of PBS’s most celebrated and thought-provoking television programs - Independent Lens. Each screening will be held at the Carbondale Public Library. Join us for a screening of the film Limited Partnership on Sat, May 2nd @ 2:30pm.