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Judge Vaughan Assigned To The Fifth District Appellate Court

The Illinois Supreme Court assigned a new judge to the its appellate court starting in January.

The Illinois Supreme Court announced Friday Circuit Judge Barry Vaughan has been assigned as an Appellate justice in the fifth district.

Judge Vaughan has served in the Second Judicial Circuit in Hamilton County since 2002.

“It’s exciting, I’ve been a judge for 18 years, but this is a whole different type court setting to be on the appellate court so I’m nervous and anxious, but excited.”

Judge Vaughan explains there’s a difference how justices hear cases in the appellate court compared to the circuit court.

“On the trial level you’re dealing with attorneys during cases and some people representing themselves and its trial so you have objections ruling on the spot and type of thing, the appellate court its more review of the trial court so you’re looking at transcripts and records and arguments and briefs and its just a different type of setting.”

The Fifth District covers the lower third of the state and is based out of Mt. Vernon.

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