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Lower Ohio River Expected To Crest At Fifty Three And A Half Feet

National Weather Service
National Weather Service
National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The Ohio River is expected to crest at 53.5 feet on Saturday.

Some roads and businesses have closed for safety concerns.

Typically spring brings some heavy rain along with some flooding, but on the lower Ohio River its already here.

Video of Ohio River flooding courtesy of Mike Eyman/Peregrine Media Productions

“It’s definitely not the kind of flooding we typically see in late winter early spring its more severe,” Meterologist Derrick Sydner with the National Weather Service in Paducah says this is not usual.

“It’s been a very soggy pattern, pretty much it started in late fall and continued into the winter and now as we’re kind of on the door step of spring it seems like it really ramped up in the last few weeks.”

The last time levels were this high caught a lot of people by surprise eight years ago.

“Probably about the worse since the flooding in 2011 although not quite severe.”

Synder wants everyone to remember if there’s water over the road to “turn around don’t drown” because six inches of water can sweep a car off the road and you never know what could be in flood water.

For more information on flooding or other disasters go to www.ready.gov

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