Writing With Fire

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Premieres on WSIU March 28, 2022
2021–2022 Independent Lens Film Season

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Meet the fearless women journalists of India’s only all-female newspaper. Nominated for an Academy Award.

Join us for a free virtual community conversation about the film

Sunday, March 20th
2:30 p.m. CT

Independent Lens TV Broadcast

March 28, 2022

9 p.m. CT

Stream Online at pbs.org: March 29th – April 11, 2022

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Writing With Fire: Film Screening & Discussion

Join WSIU and The Carbondale Public Library for a free virtual community conversation about the film Writing With Fire. The film screening will be March 20, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. The conversation will be on topics related to the film, so watching the film in advance of the conversation is not necessary.

Jyostna Kapur PhD

Guest Moderator: Dr. Jyotsna Kapur | Honors Program Director, Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, College of Arts & Media, SIUC
Jyotsna Kapur is the Director of SIU Honors Program at Southern Illinois University. She is professor of Cinema and Media Studies and also cross-appointed with Sociology. Her research and teaching interests include: Marxist-feminist theory of media arts and culture; The politics of labor, class, race, and sexuality in neo-liberalism; contemporary Indian media culture; History and theory of the documentary idea especially its redefinitions in contemporary practices and digital culture; Third Cinema; and Global children’s media culture.

About The Film

In a media landscape dominated by men, the women journalists of India’s all-female Khabar Lahariya (“News Wave”) newspaper risk it all, including their own safety, to cover the country’s political, social, and local news from a women-powered perspective. From underground network to independent media empire—now with 10 million views on their YouTube site—they defy the odds to redefine power.

About The Filmmakers

Rintu Thomas is an award-winning director-producer, whose debut feature documentary, Writing With Fire, won two awards at Sundance ’21 and is a NYT Critics Pick. A 2021 IDA Courage Under Fire Award honoree, Rintu is also an IDA Logan Elevate grantee and a Sundance Fellow.

Sushmit Ghosh is an award-winning director, cinematographer who co-founded Black Ticket Films, a film company invested in the power of storytelling. Sushmit’s debut feature documentary Writing With Fire is a double Sundance award winner. Sushmit is a 2021 IDA Courage Under Fire Award Honoree and a Sundance Fellow.

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