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Brijean, 'Caldwell's Way'

The heyday of twee pop may be well past us now. But on "Caldwell's Way," Brijean finds a way to take the simple things (birdsong, love for a neighbor, nostalgia for an unreclaimable past) and combine them into a sincere ode to home that feels like an asteroid crashing into your heart. We all have homes — found, chosen or otherwise — that we miss sometimes. And it's hard not to let it get to you when Brijean sings through distant reverb: "I'm only miles away / Maybe I'm just feeling lonely." Vulnerability is the name of the game here: You'll find it woven throughout the muted organ section, the twinkly strings and cinematic synths that sound like they belong on a Zelda soundtrack. So suspend your disbelief and let this track take you to the places you miss most. you might feel lighter by the end of it.

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Nisha Venkat
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