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Victim specialists help crime victims through trauma

A woman in an FBI jacket stands in front of a car talking to another woman who is wrapped in a blanket and holding a bottle of water.
The work of a victim specialist may begin at the crime scene.

The Springfield FBI office recognizing the needs of crime victims during Crime Victims Rights Week, and highlighting the work of advocates who support them.

The FBI's victim services professionals help support victims of federal crimes and serve as a link between victims and investigators.

Victim specialist Christine Walz said her role can involve lots of different duties.

"We keep them informed of their case status, sometimes even accompany agents to interviews. We also arrange forensic exams for sexual and physical abuse victims, we try to locate emergency housing, food clothing for victims, or locate special services for victims," she said.

Walz said everyone reacts differently to being victimized, and some people may have a delayed reaction days or even months later.

Steph Whiteside is a Digital Media News Specialist with WSIU radio in Carbondale, Ill. She previously worked as a general reporter at AJ+ and Current TV.
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