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Carbondale Police Offer Tips To Deter Package Theft This Holiday Season

Unattended packages at front door
Dan Dennis

As we approach the holiday season, opportunities for package thefts increase. Ordering items on-line is a very convenient way to shop, but sometimes making things convenient for us can also make it convenient for opportunistic criminals. Unattended packages left at on the front porch can be a tempting target for thieves looking for a quick score. The Carbondale Police Department offers some helpful tips to reduce your potential of having a package theft occur.

  • Periodically check the area where your packages are delivered and bring them in immediately once they have arrived.
  •  Ask trusted neighbors to collect packages if you are not at home and be prepared to do the same or them if necessary.
  • Check with the delivery service to see if there is an option to require your signature at the time of delivery, or if not, ask for to leave the package in an area that is out of sight.  
  • Use “ship to store” if there is a local business in your area.  This way you can pick it up from the local store instead of it being left unattended near your front door. 
  • Security cameras for your residence, especially in the areas where packages will be delivered, can be an effective option.
  • If delivery is expected during times when you are at work, ask your employer about allowing it to be delivered to you there instead.  
  • Consider purchasing a locking package box that can be secured on your property. These boxes typically allow for a security code to be used by the delivery person that you can  provide in a “comments” or “special instructions” section when placing the order.  

The Carbondale Police Department encourages residents and visitors in Carbondale to always be alert for suspicious activity, such as vehicles that appear to following package delivery drivers or persons wandering up to residences as they make their way down the sidewalks or streets. Suspicious activity should immediately be reported to the police department at 618-457-3200, or 911 if it is an emergency. Cell phones or residential security cameras can be used to record the suspicious activity and used as evidence for police officers in their investigation. Working together we can help prevent package thefts in Carbondale. Stay safe.

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