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Giant City School district using Centerstone grant to continue the emotional healing, from the pandemic.

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Azmeyart Design via Pixabay
School kids are still coping with the emotional turmoil caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

While the economy is recovering from the pandemic, many schools are still dealing with the emotional toll caused by the upheaval. But, the Giant City School District will be able to add to their resources, to help students, staff and families cope. Principal and Superintendent Belinda Hill says a multi thousand dollar grant from Centerstone will establish a special coping curriculum.

"It will be something that will supplement our regular classroom teaching, but also our physical education so that we can address some of those social and emotional needs as we move forward. We will be able to hire a social worker to support our staff, and our students as we go forward."

220 students are enrolled in pre-K through 8th grade at the Giant City school district, and you can hear more with our conversation with Hill this Friday on InFocus.

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