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What Will The Chauvin Verdict Mean For Future Trials?

Students and faculty at the SIU School of Law are working on a project examining race, slavery, history and the law. We spoke to one of the professors on the project about the significance of the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Assistant Professor Sheila Simon, who is working on the project, said the Chauvin trial was unique because the video evidence was so strong and because the chief of police testified against his own former officer.

“That’s significant. And I think that action by that chief of police may well open up the doors for other law enforcement folks to acknowledge the limitations of folks within the law enforcement community,” Simon said. “That would be a big deal.”

Simon said there are ways to make it easier to hold police accountable and prevent deaths, mainly ending qualified immunity. A bill that would put an end to qualified immunity has been proposed in the Illinois General Assembly.

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