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Illinois Supreme Court and Partners Offering Webinars Addressing Mental Illness and Prisons.

Eric Ward Unsplash
One Illinois Appellate Judge says people with mental illness, too often end up in prisons, instead of being helped for their illness.

The Illinois Supreme Court and judicial partners, is sponsoring a series of Virtual webinars focusing on how to improve the court system's response to mental illness.  Appellate Justice Kathryn Zenoff   says the purpose is to get non-violent  offenders, the proper help.

"What we're trying to is to come up with ways to divert persons with serious mental illnesses, from the justice system, to make sure there is treatment in the community for them."

These free webinars are not just for people in the court system, Zenoff says any community member who is interesting in solving the problem is welcome to watch.  The next program will take place on October 13th from 3PM-5PM.  To sign up, see this link: https://www.ncsc.org/__data/assets/pdf_file/0023/53942/IL-Summit-Fall-2020-Registration.pdf

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