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Southern Illinois Legislators Host Virtual Town Hall Addressing Criminal Justice Reforms

Illinois State Capitol
WSIU Radio
WSIU Radio
Illinois State Capitol

Some Southern Illinois legislators are holding a virtual town hall Tuesday night to discuss the impact of the criminal justice reform bill.

House Bill 3653 authored by the Black Caucus brings significant changes to law enforcement.

Southern Illinois legislators are holding an online town hall to discuss those changes, the process of it passing and answer questions from the public.

State Senator Terri Bryant says she was the lead on the debate against the bill.

“There were and still are organizations in opposition to the bill that I think says a lot about how bad the bill is.”

Bryant says the bill ran through without going through a committee and will change over 80 laws in the state.

“It’s like every bad law enforcement bill that’s ever been run in the history of the Illinois legislature was all crammed into one bill and then they did some sneaky procedural moves and ran it through in the middle of the night and then on inauguration day because they knew they couldn’t get it passed any other time.”

Governor JB Pritzker still needs to sign the bill before it becomes law.

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